Contemporary social and pedagogical relations/scenarios have gone through a great transformation driven by the appropriation of technology, which has largely contributed to disruption of habits and behaviours previously considered adamant. Due to its widespread adoption in different types of learning (formal, non-formal and informal), the technological revolution plays a non-negligible role in current and future training environments.

Ignoring this undergoing process means neglecting its potential for transformation, modernization, competitiveness and internationalization. It is nowadays impossible to imagine an “unblended” learning, because the question is not whether we should blend, but how to blend, which requires a reengineering of the learning processes and huge cultural changes in higher education institutions and its communities. 

The e-Learning and Pedagogical Innovation Unit of the Polytechnic of Porto aims at contributing to the development and implementation of new methodologies and pedagogies in order to expand innovation in teaching/learning/training within the P.PORTO community and in its areas of influence. 

An innovative, dynamic and direct attitude towards lifelong training needs and a learning process in permanent harmony with the advances in Science and Communication Technologies encourages and promotes the extension of time and space of teaching/learning/training, through a sharing of knowledge within a network. 

To achieve such a goal, it is necessary to rethink the traditional teaching patterns; to offer infrastructures as well as technical, scientific and pedagogical support; to know how to manage change and promote a culture of collaboration, sharing and networking. 

Therefore, it seems vital to rethink learning goals, curricula design, learning materials, teaching methodologies, evaluation policies of teachers and students and the institutions’ own cultures.